Campaign Summary

Over recent years, politicians, in many parts of the world have dismissed the type of youth activism best characterised by Greta Thunberg, because as children these protesters didn’t yet have a vote. But what now that Greta has turned 18 and she can vote? Greta and her fellow campaigners can sign onto the electoral roll and their views won’t be so easy for politicians to disregard.

While some young adults in this age group will want to maintain the status quo, linking personal identity and status to the stuff that they can buy, a growing number of young people are realising that they are being educated for a world that won’t exist in its current form.

Understandably, they wonder if today’s jobs will remain when domestic, regional and global economies are unstable due to the constant disruptions associated with climate change, degrading ecosystems and social inequality. What will professional life look like in tomorrow’s world? What type of jobs will the participants of School Strike For Climate and Fridays for the Future want? Many already know that they will need to work to clean up the mess left by their parents and grandparents’ generations.

For over 12 months, many young people have been home-schooled, because of a pandemic that is zoonotic in origin, created because the line between humans and exotic animal has long been breached for commercial purposes. Young people are paying yet another big price for the lack of respect older generations have paid the natural world.

The insight and, sadly for some the anxiety, triggered by the isolation from friends and their education means a growing number will want solutions from their governments and a future based on meaningful work. Whilst we can only guess at the type of work that more-and-more young people will value, we are launching a campaign with some potential job for the future to stimulate discussion.

Feel free to contact Nature Needs More about the jobs you think are needed in this growing group #WorkingForThePlanet.