Cabin Fever Lockdown

As much of the world is experiencing rolling lockdowns, this is leaving more-and-more of us feeling a little lonely, bored, sluggish or anxious. Many people feel happier with some structure and routine.

As governments know the importance of physical activity, one of the few reasons we are allowed to leave home, even in the stickiest of lockdowns, is to get some needed (and socially distanced) exercise. This helps people maintain both their physical and mental heath during these uncertain times.

This pandemic is zoonotic in origin and has occurred because of too much human encroachment into the natural world. As animals are traded (legally and illegally) and their habitat is lost, their immune systems are weakened, as they are stressed, and it is easier for them to carry disease. Over the last 18 months it has become very clear how much we are all connected and that we are all in this together, people, wildlife and the planet.

If you are feeling a bit of isolation or would like to get some structure into your days, why not link some activity to helping wildlife. By registering for the World Games For Wildlife you can raise funds to go towards established programs devoted to saving the world’s most endangered animals.

We hope you will join us.

Nature Needs More, Active for Animals and SAVE African Rhino Foundation