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Set Your Club Apart By Signing Up for The Team Wildlife Challenge For many sport clubs their mascots are regarded as a vital part of the team’s identity. From Tigers to Blue Jays or Lions to Seahawks teams love their mascot; and most importantly so do their fans. Sports marketing experts say that a mascot helps give a team character, personality and a face; they also make it easier to create an emotional connection with fan base. Some clubs choose to be represented by a local, native animal to drum up a sense of local pride. For other teams, it is their mascots characteristics of status, strength, power that instil the energy to win into their matches. The [...]

My Wildlife Challenge

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World Games For Wildlife Evolves To My Wildlife Challenge Wildlife Can No Longer Face The Extinction Crisis Alone Rebranding Announcement: Nature Needs More, Active for Animals and SAVE African Rhino Foundation are excited to announce that World Games For Wildlife is rebranding to: Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has participated and raised funds using the platform in the last year. We have valued your feedback on how to engage more people to step up to the challenge. We heard from our 2021 and 2022 participants that you know dealing with the extinction crisis will be one of the biggest challenges this decade. Many of you acknowledged that wildlife has been [...]

Run For Their Lives

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Run For Their Lives Don't just run for your life, run for their lives too! Too often we read that yet another bird or animal is now threatened with extinction. This can cause a feeling of futility, but if you are a runner (or do any other sport for that matter) you CAN do something. All you need to do is give a day of your running schedule to wildlife. Every day, around the world people are literally on the run. They run around parks, in clubs, corporate groups, in fun runs, marathons and more. Now, World Games For Wildlife is putting out a call to ask people to run to help save endangered species. [...]

Birthday Party Games For Wildlife

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Birthday Party Games For Wildlife #Mybirthdaywishforwildlife While you may not be the sporty type, why not consider asking your family and friends to donate to World Games For Wildlife for your birthday? Currently, only 3% of non-government donations go to the environment & animals, and only a small amount of this goes to conserving wild animals and their habitat. World Games For Wildlife has been created because we need more people to help change this. So this year, why don’t you ask people to donate to the World Games For Wildlife instead of buying you a present? Over-consumption is the biggest driver of the extinction crisis. So wouldn’t it be fantastic to celebrate your [...]

Dust Off The Home Gym Equipment For The Home Gym Wildlife Challenge

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Dust Off The Home Gym Equipment For The Home Gym Wildlife Challenge Getting personally active to help tackle biodiversity loss is a great New Year resolution! One of the big-ticket items to get people through the pandemic has been home fitness equipment. There has been no shortage of articles about how to create the ultimate home gym or guides to the best fitness equipment.  A constant stream of celebrities have shared their home-based workouts and wellness routines. So, it is no surprise that the global home fitness equipment market has grown by 17.6% this last year, from $8.42 billion in 2020 to $9.9 billion in 2021. The growth is mainly due to the COVID-19 outbreak that has [...]

COVID-19 Is Player Of The Year For Two Years Running

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COVID-19 Is Player Of The Year, For Two Years Running Matches cancelled or postponed, players and teams in quarantine and the drama of the unvaccinated, coronavirus continues to challenge the sports world. As we enter the third year of the pandemic, sadly COVID-19 continues its reign as player of the year. After the initial cancellations, sport returned but was played in mostly empty stadiums, including the delayed Olympic Games. These were the visible signs of change. What we didn’t see was the players and athletes separated from their families, kept in a bubble to ensure they could participate ‘if’ the match or fixture went ahead. The sports ecosystem, including the fans, players, employees, media partners and sponsors are [...]

A Christmas Gift For Wildlife

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There is no more important time to think about wildlife than at the time of year focused on consumption. Unsustainable consumption is a key driver of biodiversity loss. And while I’m not trying to be the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge this Christmas, why not add the gift of a donation for wildlife to your Christmas list? A small donation of a Christmas Gift For Wildlife would be very welcome. And research shows it is needed now more than ever. In the UK, Britain’s top earners are giving less to charity while their incomes continue to rise, donations falling 20% between 2012 to 2019, resulting in a growing ‘generosity gap’. Gus O’Donnell, who led the research [...]

What Every AFL Fan Needs To Know

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What Every AFL Fan Needs To Know There were very mixed feelings in Melbourne around this year's AFL Grand Final. The elation felt in the city, and in particular by Melbourne Demons fans, was tinged with sadness. As the Melbourne Demons broke their 57-year premiership drought, the longest premiership drought in Australian football, Melbourne couldn’t help but feel jubilation for the club and fans that have both been starved of success for so long. The sadness? Because the AFL Grand Final wasn’t played at its spiritual home, The Melbourne Cricket Club - the MCG – ‘The G’. For the second year running The G has lost the AFL Grand Final because of the global pandemic. The iconic stadium [...]

Cabin Fever Lockdown

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Cabin Fever Lockdown As much of the world is experiencing rolling lockdowns, this is leaving more-and-more of us feeling a little lonely, bored, sluggish or anxious. Many people feel happier with some structure and routine. As governments know the importance of physical activity, one of the few reasons we are allowed to leave home, even in the stickiest of lockdowns, is to get some needed (and socially distanced) exercise. This helps people maintain both their physical and mental heath during these uncertain times. This pandemic is zoonotic in origin and has occurred because of too much human encroachment into the natural world. As animals are traded (legally and illegally) and their habitat is lost, their immune systems [...]

World Wild Mindfulness

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World Wild Mindfulness Around the world a growing number of people are recognising the benefits of being out in nature as they practice mindfulness. Wild Mindfulness is the perfect antidote to low-level anxiety or problematic sleeping patterns. People talk about feeling noticeably calmer as they take time out in nature. The experience of simple slowing down, getting some fresh air and being present in the moment. These benefits have been confirmed by research, so we know that access to nature is important for mental wellbeing. Be it heading to the local park or into the country, it is great to get out and breathe. Nature certainly takes care of us and, now, it is time for more of [...]

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