Join Nature Needs More in pioneering a new way of wildlife conservation and a different approach to tackling the illegal wildlife trade. By supporting this project, you will also be helping to create global equity and fairness at the same time.

A day doesn’t go by without another news article highlighting that global inequality is getting worse, not better; this issue goes beyond people. Despite 50 years of conservation efforts, wildlife populations continue to decline. But what can you do to change both? Nature Needs More believes a new economic model is needed that promotes fairness and equity, but not only for people, but also for our natural world. The universal basic income is a great concept, but only if it doesn’t become another human centric model; we need to move from ego-centric to eco-centric.

Nature needs More is pioneering a new model of protecting wildlife populations. This innovative project targets impoverished communities bordering key protected areas critical to wildlife populations, the trial will be launched in Zimbabwe.

The trial communities will benefit directly through paying them a basic income. Cash transfers like a basic income are both the most effective and most efficient form of poverty alleviation, with minimal overheads and giving people the means to solve their own problems.

Why will a basic income address both poaching and inequity? Because it eliminates survival anxiety. Lack of food security and constant anxiety about making it through the next day/week/month impair cognitive capacity, making traditional approaches such as awareness raising and education programs ineffective.

Poaching is a means of income generation often born out of desperation, again linked to survival anxiety. For instance, Zimbabwe has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world; often quoted as over 90%. The desperation felt in these impoverished communities provides opportunities for traffickers to infiltrate the communities and buy local knowledge about lucrative wildlife populations and anti-poaching activities.

A basic income of just $50 per month for adults and $20 per month for children has been shown in other trials to eliminate survival anxiety and create vast improvements in health, living standards, educational outcomes and economic activity. We believe it will also help eliminate wildlife poaching and reduce human-wildlife conflict, if combined with education programs and assistance with the foundations of social entrepreneurship and ecologically sustainable farming practices.

You can be a part of proving this innovative concept, by becoming one of ‘Global First 5,000’ people worldwide to make a 2-year commitment to paying the basic income for 1 adult and 1 child. Including trial overheads (set-up, local field support, transaction fees, research) we are asking you to commit to USD $1,000 per year (USD $85 per month) to help finance Nature Needs More’s basic income trial in Zimbabwe, starting in early 2019. We have additional membership levels for Families, Schools, Companies and Philanthropic Foundations.

As this Basic Income for Conservation Fund grows, Nature Needs More will use the donations to demonstrate the project is scalable, achieving desperately needed results for both wildlife and impoverished communities.

Be a part of a new conservation movement that puts human needs and wildlife needs on equal standing and that reduces global inequalities in an efficient manner. Be one of the Global First 5,000.