Nature Needs More Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports contain a summary of our project work and results. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight this work could not have been done without our supporters and donors. We can’t thank them enough for all their encouragement.

Nature Needs More directors all volunteer their time to the organisation.

Nature Needs More Published Papers

Nature Needs More published academic papers associated with factoring in wildlife (and endangered species more broadly) into the evolving sustainable fashion strategy.

Mammoth Tusk Beads and Vintage Elephant Skin Bags: Wildlife, Conservation, and Rethinking Ethical Fashion

Nature Needs More’s Founder Dr Lynn Johnson was delighted to collaborate with Dr Catherine Kovesi University a historian at the University of Melbourne where she researches the discourses of luxury consumption.

The article explores the fact that wildlife is not currently factored in to the evolving sustainable fashion strategy. It can be purchased here.

Recent years have seen marked consciousness-raising in the arena of ethical fashion. Despite inherent difficulties in tracing a complete ethical supply chain back to source, sustainable fashion movements have helped to highlight the need for prominent fashion industry role models on the one hand, and awareness of those who produce what we consume on the other. Yet, repeatedly in such discussions, one of the most fragile components of the luxury fashion business is left out of the conversation – wildlife and endangered species. To date there have been parallel discourses in ethical fashion and in wildlife conservation that rarely intersect, and are indeed often in unintended opposition to each other. Even those who attempt to promote an ethical path, or who buy vintage rather than new fashion items of wildlife products, often unwittingly contribute to the accelerated demand for wildlife fashion products from present-day endangered species. The desire to be ethical can, in some instances, even contribute to illegal poaching activity. This article unravels for the first time some of the complexities of the conservation dilemmas involved in the wearing of ancient, vintage, and present-day wildlife products. In doing so it argues we should place wildlife center stage, as an equally important element, in rethinking what it is that we wear.

Modernising CITES Proposals

Nature Needs More project documents associated with our proposals to modernise CITES.

Breaking The Brand Project Launch and Annual Reports

In August 2017 Breaking The Brand evolved and was incorporated in to one of the pillars of Nature Needs More Ltd. The final Annual Report for Breaking The Brand which includes the transition to Nature Needs More can be found at the top of the page under the Nature Needs More Annual Reports Section.

Demand Reduction Campaigns

Breaking The Brand project documents associated with creating, evolving and evaluating demand reduction campaigns.

Basic Income Trial Proposal

Nature Needs More project documents associated with our proposals to test a basic income linked to conservation outcomes.