May 2018 sees the launch of a Nature Needs More global fundraising event, the Style Icon Afternoon Tea. On Sunday 27th May 2018, in cities, towns and villages around the world, we are asking style icons of all ages to get the chic frocks out of the wardrobe or don the elegant suit and join us for afternoon tea.

By participating in this global tea party, you are not only being part of this sophisticated, international group, but you will also be raising funds and awareness for the world’s iconic creatures. The Style Icon Afternoon Tea is raising funds for Nature Needs More projects. This annual event will be launched in 2018 and the funds raised will be used to publish highly targeted demand reduction campaigns, focused on the specific consumers who are driving the current wildlife poaching crisis. In addition, the funds raised will go towards trialing a new model of poverty alleviation in communities bordering critical wildlife populations, with the aim of disrupting the potential for wildlife traffickers to infiltrate these communities and to provide an alternative to the sustainable use of wildlife. The model is a basic income linked to conservation.

This event not only creates a great way to catch up with friends and to get dressed up, it also enable you to show support the world’s iconic wildlife, by raising needed funds for Nature Needs More’s innovative projects tackling the illegal wildlife trade. We are often asked “What can I do to help?”, here is a great way to be in action for nature. You can host an event, large or small, private or public; the key is you have fun and make a difference for wildlife.

We have some great prizes for the top fundraisers and a leaderboard so you can monitor how you and your team are doing compared to the rest of the world!

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