As part of the evolving conversation, Nature Needs More would like to point you to some of the less mainstream initiatives that could form a part of a new strategy for ensuring the worlds wildlife and pristine environments don’t just survive, but they once again thrive.

We have highlighted a few, but there are more. The key thing about these messages is that they remind us that there are alternatives. We must remember that CITES is a trade organization, not a conservation organization and over the years’ most large conservation organizations have adopted a pro-trade stance or sit on the fence about it. It has gone unchallenged as many large NGOs worry that if they do question the ‘there is no alternative (TINA)’ approach it may scare away their large government and corporate donors.

Nature Needs More is particularly interested in the basic income model and is researching the possibilities of linking a tiered basic income model to conservation via what we have called the new 3Rs (Re-Habilitation, Re-Vegetation, Re-Wilding).

Please let us know if there are any other strategies you would like to add to the conversation, by sending your thoughts to