Affluent Mothers


Why do affluent Asian mothers also use rhino horn? They are probably the wives of the wealthy businessmen who use rhino horn and they often use it as ‘insurance’ in case their child gets sick.

  • Believe that rhino horn can help children be healthy and strong; and regain strength in times of weakness/illness
  • Believe in fever-reducing qualities of rhino horn – in line with original use in Chinese/Vietnamese medicine and keep small quantities at home in case child gets a high fever
  • Small individual quantities are given, but group size is large, therefore demand will continue to grow with economic growth

Terminally Ill or Seriously Ill Patients and Their Family


  • A recent popular belief in Viet Nam seemingly promotes rhino horn usage as treatment, and possibly a cure, for life-threatening cancer.
  • Evidence of rhino horn dealers or their touts deliberately seeking out and targeting individuals suffering from cancer
  • Touts have been found infiltrating cancer wards and in some cases are doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff
  • Patients are hapless victims of false hope, expending large sums of money on rhino horn remedies that will probably do little, if anything, to improve their medical conditions

There is also an expectation that wealthy children will purchase rhino horn for a sick parent. In many cases this younger, more educated group do not believe in rhino horn but the culture is such that you do not question or refuse your parents.