Nature Needs More Ltd. is a non-profit organisation incorporated as a public company in Australia. We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Lynn Johnson, Peter Lanius and David McPherson are the directors of the company and Lynn is the CEO. For brief biographies of Lynn, Peter and David, please see below.

Nature Needs More is the evolution of the Breaking The Brand project; this project was dedicated to designing and delivering demand reduction campaigns to the primary consumers of rhino horn in Viet Nam. It has also been very influential in the wider conservation sector in terms of educating the sector about how to design and target demand reduction and behaviour change campaigns.

In 2017 we decided to incorporate the Breaking The Brand project into Nature Needs More, because we, as citizens who care about the natural world, felt we needed to be more active in protecting it. Lynn and Peter, who have been working on Breaking the Brand since 2013, feel strongly that the conservation sector relies too much on an over-generalisation of the ‘sustainable use’ model, as a result we decided to test a new approach. This approach explicitly incorporates the needs and desires of both the consumers of wildlife products and the communities in range countries.

We start from the realisation that pragmatic work is desperately needed in tackling the desire and motivations to consume wildlife, it is this demand that triggers the creation of trafficking supply chains. These supply chains in turn prey on the poverty of the communities living next to key wildlife populations. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to use our skills in Nature Needs More to:

  1. Build a demand reduction strategy based on understanding people’s desire for a luxury lifestyle that drives their consuming behaviour and how the sustainable fashion movement can be a catalyst for consumer behaviour change
  2. Fixing the deficiencies and loopholes in the legal trade system under CITES which enable the massive scale of the illegal wildlife trade
  3. Disrupting the supply chains by testing a basic income model linked to conservation in the impoverished communities bordering wildlife sanctuaries in Southern Africa

Lynn Johnson, Founder and CEO

Lynn originates from the UK and after several years working in Germany she moved to Australia in 1996. She holds a PhD in particle physics. Lynn’s career has taken her from being a research physicist, working in the world of fire and explosives, to management consulting and becoming the CEO of a charity in 1998. In 2001 Lynn started her own consulting and coaching business, Leadership Mastery, which grew to be a well respected boutique consultancy, before de-merging and selling parts of the business in 2010. Lynn has extensive experience in designing & delivering behaviour change interventions and business strategy development. She has delivered such interventions to more than 3,000 clients in the private and public sectors. She has further designed and delivered behaviour change programs for at-risk young adults and long-term unemployed groups.

As part of a lifelong passion for wildlife conservation Lynn decided to formalise her commitment by creating Breaking The Brand in 2013. In her conservation work Lynn’s key focus has been demand reduction campaigns, targeting the primary users of rhino horn in Viet Nam. She has conducted the research into the users and designed and delivered the campaigns, raising over USD $250K since 2014. She has also researched the luxury industry and how it manufactures demand. In addition, Lynn is continuing her research Re-Inventing Magnificence: The Motivation to Contribute into what motivates people to make a step change in their lives and start contributing their wealth and time to society and the natural world. Lynn has also acquired broader knowledge of the illegal wildlife trade and has been invited to present her research at various conferences and symposiums.

Lynn has a long-standing interest in wildlife conservation and is a member of the SAVE African Rhino Foundation sub-committee. She has traveled to a number of African and Asian countries in recent years as part of our conservation efforts.

Peter Lanius, Director

Lynn’s partner in life and business, Peter originates from Berlin, Germany and moved to Australia in 1996. He holds a PhD in particle physics. Peter spent the first ten years of his career as a consultant and project manager in the IT&T industry. He held senior project management positions in blue-chip companies including Hewlett-Packard, Telstra and Texas Instruments. In early 2003 Peter joined Lynn and became a director of Leadership Mastery where his focus has been executive coaching, business strategy development and business coaching. He has also been the primary finance manager for all our business ventures.

Peter has assisted Lynn’s work in Breaking The Brand and has recently joined her in becoming a director of Nature Needs More. He has been researching the basic income model since 2015 and is the project manager for the basic income linked to conservation trial designed by Nature Needs More.

Over the last 17 years Peter and Lynn have provided strategy and business consulting together with executive coaching to CEOs and senior managers of large and medium sized private, NGO and public sector clients. Our core business expertise is in coaching, strategy, behaviour change, culture change and project management.

David McPherson, Director

David was born and raised in Tasmania, with Victoria being home since 1989. He has a Bachelor of Business Degree and is a Registered Tax Agent. The first 17 years of David’s professional career involved a range of accounting and finance roles, in various industries, from corporate to SME’s. In 2001 David started his accounting and business advisory practice, McPherson Financial Solutions (MFS), providing a range of services, with a focus on working with business owners “to take their business to the next level”. In 2016 MFS was acquired by Kidmans Partners, giving David more time to focus on delivering business advisory services which remains his professional motivation. Over his professional career, David has also held various volunteer and NFP board roles, including local Scouts & sporting groups, Alzheimer’s Vic and Qld, and Pinewood Community Bendigo Bank.

On the personal side, David’s passion is for the outdoors, which ranges from mountain biking, bushwalking, camping and just simply being in nature. Married with 2 children, David and his wife joined a truck safari in Eastern Africa back in 1996, which really ignited their passion for wildlife, including a memorable hour sitting in the truck right beside 3 rhinos. Family holidays, both in Australia and overseas, have had a strong wildlife focus providing amazing experiences and memories.

Lynn and Peter were one of the early clients of David’s MFS practice, so the three have had a close working relationship since 2001. David and his family have donated to all the Breaking The Brand campaigns, so he was excited to join Lynn and Peter as a Director of Natures Needs More and to play a more active role in wildlife conservation, and specifically with the focus of saving the rhinos before it is too late, “As a father of two kids who both love wildlife and nature, I wanted to do my bit to ensure that these incredible animals are around for my kids and grandkids”.