Media Release: 23 April 2020

Can a Basic Income Save Australian Native Forests And Wildlife?

Is it time to consider a basic income for farming and forestry communities to aid the transition to a more sustainable economy? Currently only 7.87% of land is set aside for nature conservation. 

Media Release: 20 April 2020

1981 Submission To CITES Pointed Out Dangers In Legal Trade System

In 1981, the Australian Government made a submission to CITES CoP3 proposing a change to a reverse-listing model. All the problems predicted in the 1981 submission have occurred.

Media Release: 17 April 2020

The Legal Wildlife Trade – Hidden In Plain Sight

Why is the world shocked about China offering tax incentives to export wildlife to the world? An interesting question is: Why does China believe that this is valid trade option, believing its action would likely go unquestioned?

Media Release: 8 April 2020

Captive Breeding Facilities Supply Fashion, Food & Medicine    

Taking a step back in the supply chain, the risks aren’t only “wet markets” they are also “legal captive breeding facilities”, that supply product to fashion, food and medicine etc.

Media Release: 2 April 2020

Expect More Pandemics If The World Is Unwilling To Fix The Legal Trade In Wildlife   

Scientists knew that humans are vulnerable to zoonotic diseases as the line between us and exotic animals has been breached, with the growth of the legal trade of wildlife.

Media Release: 2 March 2020

It’s time to take a close look at the sustainable fashion strategy

Do companies take advantage of customers lack of awareness of what sustainability means to ‘greenwash’ their commitment to sustainable practices?

Media Release: 12 October 2019

Second Annual Global Tea Party For Wildlife    

In 2018, Nature Needs More, inspired by the women who, over 100 years ago, invited their socialite friends to afternoon tea, in a bid to save many birds from extinction, launched an annual global tea party for wildlife.

Media release: 12 October 2019

Second, Annual World Games For Wildlife

After a successful launch in 2018, Nature Needs More is again inviting people around the world to join forces for our wildlife teammates.

Media Release: 10 October, 2019

eCITES BaseSolution Launches In Sri Lanka

Australian Conservation Charity invited to Sri Lanka for launch of CITES electronic permit system to tackle illegal wildlife trade.

Media Release: 18 July, 2019

Threes Steps To Modernise CITES

In the years that we have been taught to be agile and nimble, one trade system has languished in the 1970s, namely the legal trade in endangered species.

Media Release: 20 March, 2019

Two Australian Conservation NGOs Call For The Modernisation of CITES

Given the current extinction crisis, there needs to be significant focus on the legal trade in endangered species.